Welcome to the homepage of Eric Codes. I am a passionate software engineer with interests in software design, distributed systems, embedded systems, among other things.

I pride myself as a polyglot software engineer who loves to write safe, well crafted, and maintainable code. My 25+ year long career has been spent obsessing over how to write code that won't wake me up at 3am.

This desire has led me to embrace languages with strong, sophisticated type systems like Rust and Haskell because of their ability to reduce runtime errors. My sleep has been ruined by too many "'NoneType' object has no attribute" errors.

This desire also makes me embrace deterministic build and deployment tools like Nix. Nix makes real the promise of declarative system management that tools like Ansible fail to deliver on. Nix lets me declare builds that run exactly the same wherever and whenever I build it.

This is all serious business, but I also like to code for fun. Python used to be my fun language, but these days I find myself gravitating towards Lisps. Functional programming languages are just more fun.

Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite things

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