Interesting Links for Week 7 of 2024

This week was a slow week for links. I ended up getting pretty sick this weekend, so I was unable to catch up on my queue of links.

I have a backlog of FOSSDEM talks that I want to watch. Next week's "Interesting Links" post is going to be hefty. Look out for it.

Using your Laptop TPM as a Secure Key Store: Are we there yet?

This FOSSDEM talk went into depth on how to use a laptop's TPM 2.0 module and all the pain James Bottomley endured implementing support in the Linux kernel, openssl, and gnupg.

GnuPG for everything

A pretty comprehensive little cheat-sheet for using GPG keys with TPM 2.0, SSH, Git, etc. I found the guide when looking for a how-to on adding my sub-keys to my laptop's TPM module.

I was able to enable TPM 2.0 support in NixOS by following the NixOS TPM wiki page. Unfortunately, my RSA 4096 sub-keys aren't supported by my T470's TPM module.

In order to store my sub-keys in my TPM module, I'll have to create new sub-keys with a smaller size or maybe switch to a different algorithm. I'll have to do some research on what is the best approach. I'd like to use my TPM, but I don't want to weaken my keys to use it. Maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and get a yubikey.

Joe Rogan and Bret Weinstein Promote AIDS Denialism to an Audience of Millions

I finally canceled my Spotify Family plan this week. I have been paying for a family plan for more than a decade. I have been thinking about canceling since Spotify signed Rogan back in 2020. The network effect is real. It was really hard to give up all those playlists and listening history.

He constantly uses his massive platform to spread anti-LGBT+ ideas. I should have canceled a long time ago.

However, his platforming of an AIDS denialist this week was the straw that broken the camel's back. Too many people have died from turning a blind eye to HIV and AIDS. I can not support a platform that gives a voice to people like Bret Weinstein. It was a long time coming, my Spotify subscription will no longer help Joe Rogan.

ESP Embedded Rust: Ping CLI App Part 1

Another ESP32C3 blog post by Omar Hiari. They are really churning these out. I finally dropped the $8 on a ESP32C3 so that I can start following along with these excellent posts.